“The Legend”

This buck is the buck I shot my last ever year of Youth hunting. The tag is still on him but I haven’t read it in years. I believe it was 2011/2012 season. That day me and my dad had went out to hunt. We had an unfortunate encounter with another hunter. He was intoxicated and tearing the woods down on his four wheeler. Dad got mad and went to inform him we were hunting. The guy just wanted trouble. My dad really don’t have any back down in him, but anger and guns don’t mix and both men had their sons there. Turns out the man leased the neighboring property and had got too curious and got caught trespassing and he felt he had a right to look around. I just look at dad and say let’s move to another spot. Dad was so mad he just wanted to leave, but he stayed and hunted for me. We move over to the other stand (my stand) and get settled in. The trespassing man decided to try to find us but couldn’t so he kept his riding around and noise making. We brushed it off, or at least I did. Dad said “Bub, we might as well pack it up.” And some other words I’ll leave out. I took my hat off and closed my eyes. I prayed. “God, please let me get a deer. If it is your will please send me a buck.”
I opened my eyes and looked over to see this buck. Dad was looking back towards me. I looked at dad and said “Big buck.” He generally thought I was joking and would either accidentally scare off deer or turn to look too fast just messing with me. This time in particular he took me serious. He saw the buck and said “Bust ‘em bub”. I had my Remington 700 30-06 nicknamed “The Legend”. I touched one off. The buck stopped. I saw blood dripping from his left shoulder, but he acted fine. “Put another one in him, bub!” Dad said. I piped up another one and sent it down wind. That second shot finished him off. I’ll never forget that moment with dad. God answered a prayer and gave me a memory with dad I’ll hold onto forever.
 – Chaynse Guthery

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