2008 I almost didn’t get this guy on public land. I Had some home life marriage problems going on. A lot was on my mind. I had a week off no matter what I did. Stay home or hunt. My neighbor noticed me putting all my hunting garb away and came over and gave me a lil pep talk. He told me what my marriage is going through in my home is part of life, if I stay home the problems will still be there and if I go do what I love to do at least I can get away from those problems for awhile in the woods. Well I went hunting that afternoon and seen this guy with 3 does. No shot but was on stand that next morning and sat the whole day only to climb down at lunch and make a scent trail in the thick laurals back to my stand area. At 4:05 low and behold he came on a string. I knew he was a buck because I could see his big body and some bone on his head. He was broad side so I couldn’t really see how big the rack was but it didn’t matter. I stopped him with a grunt and fired. All my worries and troubles faded away quickly when I lowered my gun to the forest floor to see what I killed. Wow what a day. My taxidermist was very excited also when he did this mount for me. And yes my marriage turned out for the better months later. Godbless inside spread was 31 and this was the last year us hunters had to check in deer in CT. Biologist said he was 9 years old. When I skinned him there was 3 22 lead healed in his neck and there was a wad of black powder lead healed over in his backstrap. Tough ole boy.

 – Stephen Oakes, Sr.

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